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Present Your Best Self & Move Miles Ahead In Your Career.

Learn the step-by-step approach to train your mind and body to lower anxiety, control stress, and polish your presentation skills so you operate and communicate at the top of your game

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Calm Advantage Code

A step-by-step approach to shift from anxious to accomplished.  

1 / Change Your Physiology

Establish a baseline of calm within your body by changing your physical stress response so you're more resilient to being pushed over the edge into anxiety or bad stress.  

2 / Change Your Psychology

With a grounded nervous system, you can address unhelpful mindsets, make positive mental shifts, and cultivate mindfulness without your physical stress response interfering. 

3 / Communicate with Calm 

With physical awareness, strategic messaging skills, and tools to remain present in every moment, your body language, words, and energy will present the best possible version of you. 


As an advisor and teacher, I've spent over 20 years in the wellness industry, helping people reach their potential by improving their physical, emotional, and cognitive health. 


My professional career began as a commercial casting director, where I specialized in discovering and directing non-actors to project a professional presence on camera.

When I burned out of the ad business, I started a new path in wellness at the first-of-its-kind complementary medical center model in NYC.

Through my work with hundreds of clients, from entrepreneurs to corporate CEOs, I have a vast knowledge of the mind and body connection and how to make the most of that relationship for optimal emotional and physical health.

Today, I work with companies and individuals focusing on accelerating women's careers by teaching my Calm Advantage Code which combines physiological and psychological tools for emotional health and strategic presentation skills to operate and communicate at one's best, especially in high-stakes moments.

Let's Work Together

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Learn strategies specifically for your unique situation- prepare for an upcoming presentation or interview, cultivate leadership presence with lower stress and better emotional regulation, or overcome a personal block of anxiety.   



Equip your team with real-world strategies to navigate high-pressure moments with calm, elevate their mental health and perform at their best.  


"Pam Reece is the real deal! Through Pam's techniques and simple ways to reboot one's mindset, she gave each individual a forever valuable formula to overcome their own obstacles. These tools left our entire team feeling more confident and armed with a specific plan to use when placed in circumstances that would otherwise cause them stress."

Wendy Siskin, Senior Program Director, Wellness in the Schools

"If you want to become a leader, get a coach. I had three sessions with Pam Reece, my awesome coach, and it's been so empowering to viscerally know you can be your best self to help others even more."

Susana Vidal, Innovation Consultant and CEO, ShiftInnova

"We really all loved the experience of working with you and found it to be super helpful and actionable right away.  I know I personally have incorporated what we learned from you- both for presenting and for framing up and even formatting presentations--into the projects we've worked on since we met and it has really made a difference for us!"

Robyn Carter, CEO, Jumprope Innovation

"Within the first five minutes of meeting Pam, you want to bottle her calm, cool and collected disposition and keep it in your pocket for future use. She’s able to really listen to what you’re struggling with and give tangible actionable steps to overcome it."

Sarah O'Brien Hammond, Founder, The Network of Women/Senior Managing Director, Beacon Hill Staffing Group

"Working together has changed my confidence in nearly every situation in which I have to speak publicly, and I couldn’t be happier."

Colby Jones

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Relentless Collective

Managing Partner, Relentless Collective

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