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As soon as you enter a room, your energy speaks for you.

How you hold your body, project your voice and the energy you exude is crucial  in how you express your value, your values, your mission and message. 

It determines how you present yourself to the world and if others connect to you.

But in our multi-tasking, screen-obsessed world, many of us have become anxious, overwhelmed, and disconnected from being present and in our body.

Anxious energy takes you out of your power.

It prevents you from being calm, confident, and from doing the work you were put here to do.

But you can change that and this is what I do. 

This is about making changes in your physiology and psychology that make the mind-body feedback loop work for you so you win the battle over anxiety and have the kind of strength and presence that reflects your full potential.

The Tools

Body Language

This is more than throwing your shoulders back and holding your head high.  It’s having the ability to hold your body with ease and own the space you’re in.

Learn how to align your  body and eliminate disempowering habits so that you hold yourself in a grounded, steady state that allows you to connect and be comfortable.

Breathing & Voice

When things are at stake, do you speak from high up in your throat or from your center? How you breathe changes the level of your voice and, more importantly, shifts the energy in your voice. Know how to breathe in a way that allows you to speak with authority, clarity and in your own voice (not an imitation of someone else).

Unsticking Stress

Stress affects everything: sleep, resilience, productivity and focus. And, it determines the kind of energy people pick up from us. Know how to recalibrate from the demands of life with very simple, non-pretzelish yoga poses that move tension out of our most common stress pockets.

Focus & Calm

Our intuition lives in our body not our head.  If we get caught up in our non-stop thoughts, that voice of intuition becomes muffled to the point of silence and we tend to spin out. Quiet outside noise, listen to your gut and choose to respond rather than react.

What would you like to know?

You have better things to do than deal with anxiety and self-doubt.  Get started on being your most present, powerful self.


Calm, Cool, Collected Meditation

Helpful before a high-stakes moment or whenever nerves may creep in.


"Take A Deep Breath" Doesn't Help You Relax

Learn why that doesn’t help to relax you and what works better.

If you’re sweating and smiling in complete gratitude, you’re probably in Pam Reece’s class. ~mindfulyogahealth.com
Pam’s classes are the ideal combination of calming yet invigorating. She challenges us with her creative poses, yet encourages us with her warm personality. Pam also happens to be a luminous presence who radiates pure goodness. Yoga simply doesn’t get any better. ~Robin Pogrebin Writer, New York Times
She is the one and only teacher I keep coming back to, always with joy and anticipation. Her practice, grace and alignment are inspiring, but it’s impossible to feel discouraged or inadequate in her classes. ~Julia Moskin
The practice of yoga has taught me how to relieve my anxiety…The feelings of stress and anxiety are scary and uncomfortable. I’ve learned to breathe in a way that has allowed me to calm my mind and body. ~Claudia, NYC
I learn so much from you about how to breathe, how to not let things get to me, and you have a way of explaining it so that I really get it.  ~Leigh, NYC

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