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Pam Reece

Helping people connect mind, body, and messaging for maximum potential

A wellness advisor, yoga teacher, and former commercial casting director, I use my unique combination of expertise to fuel women’s careers and company cultures with tools to navigate high-stress environments with calm and skills to present themselves confidently.

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As an advisor and teacher, I spent over 20 years in the wellness industry, helping people reach their potential by improving their physical, emotional, and cognitive health. 


My professional career began as a commercial casting director, where I specialized in discovering non-actors and guiding them to deliver authentic and compelling performances on camera. 


After burning out in advertising, I began a new career as a yoga and meditation teacher and developed a deep understanding of the relationship between our emotional and physical states.

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Online Programs

Equip yourself with tools to navigate through moments that cause anxiety or stress and access a balanced, flow state where you perform at your best and present your talents with confidence. 

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1:1 Coaching

Learn strategies specifically for your situation- prepare for an upcoming presentation or interview, cultivate leadership presence with lower stress and better emotional regulation, or overcome a personal block of anxiety.   



Build health and well-being into your company culture to create thriving environments and positive change.  Make the greatest impact with the smartest investments with thoughtfully designed environments and programs.  

Wendy Siskin, Senior Program Director, Wellness in the Schools

"Pam Reece is the real deal! Through Pam's techniques and simple ways to reboot one's mindset, she gave each individual a forever valuable formula to overcome their own obstacles. These tools left our entire team feeling more confident and armed with a specific plan to use when placed in circumstances that would otherwise cause them stress."


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