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I'm an advisor and teacher with over 20 years of experience in the wellness industry, helping people reach their potential by improving their physical, emotional, and cognitive health. ​

My Story

My professional career began as a commercial casting director, where I specialized in discovering non-actors and guiding them to deliver authentic and compelling performances on camera. 


After burning out in advertising, I began a new path as a yoga and meditation teacher and developed a deep understanding of the relationship between our emotional and physical states.


While working with private clients, I noticed a common struggle among even the brightest, most accomplished individuals when it came to presentations, pitches, and promotions - they were overwhelmed with anxiety and stress. 


So, I combined my background in advertising and vocal coaching with my knowledge of the mind-body connection to create a unique coaching practice that helped them overcome their obstacles.  


By mixing physiological and psychological tools with messaging and presentation skills,

I help clients 

Lower physical and mental feelings of anxiety

Overcome public speaking nerves

Manage stress to perform under pressure 

Raise their presentation style to express their ideas and talents with confidence


I also help forward-thinking organizations create healthy and thriving environments by building well-being into their cultures with program design, development, implementation, and evaluation.


With my training from leading institutions, including the pioneering complementary medical center Health, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, The HeartMath Institute, as well as in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, I have had the opportunity to help hundreds of people improve their well-being through teaching in studios, Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, schools, non-profits, and with many private clients.


My goal is to make mental, physical, and emotional health more accessible because I believe healthy people fuel companies and ideas that change the world for the better. 


I am especially focused on well-being initiatives and trainings that help women have more power and equality in all areas of their lives. 

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