For over 10 years, I’ve taught yoga to some of New York City’s busiest and most successful women.  

I’m known to make yoga accessible. I don’t much care about the fancy feats of flexibility.  I want you to feel strong, healthy and able to handle whatever comes at you in life.

Recently, my teaching has shifted to focus on strengthening women’s confidence and power because I noticed a pattern of smart, ambitious women battling anxiety and self- doubt. 

And because they’re women who do things- important, interesting things- this all happens while managing the rest of life’s many responsibilities.  It’s exhausting for them and it limits their potential.  I want that to change.

My current work combines my yoga experience with my previous career as a casting director coaching actors. I teach women how to move, breathe and think in a way that they can turn anxiety into calm, project confidence in their body and voice, hold a room and connect to others.

It comes from years of working with thousands of women and observing how we hold stress in our bodies and how emotions show up in the energy we project.

And it brings in my own personal experience. During my early years in casting, I spent a lot of time anxious, exhausted and with chronic pain (all stress-related). When I started practicing yoga, everything changed.  So, I left to teach full-time.

I understand the feelings of anxiety first-hand and know it can be turned around.  And you don’t have to become a yoga teacher to make it happen.

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confidence is a skill