Conscious Confidence

One-of-a-kind programs shift you from anxious to calm.
I started working with women on overcoming anxiety because I saw so many students and friends who had specific areas of their lives where they struggled to project the strength that they had inside them. 

These are women who are wildly talented, ambitious, smart and who are doing interesting, important work but when it came time to pitch their idea, present to their board or ask for the investment, the anxiety and stress in their body and voice undermined them and their message wasn’t heard as it should be.

And it doesn’t always have to be high-stakes moments.  Anxiety can creep in and wipe out stamina and drive in what we know are manageable, everyday interactions and yet…something triggers it. It can be tough to get a handle on no matter how much we try to think our way out of it.

How I Work

We can’t just think our way out of anxiety or into confidence.

Both body and mind have to get in the game.

Yoga, meditation, breath work, and mindfulness link the physical with the emotional.

That’s why they’re such powerful practices that help you make faster shifts into the kind of feeling you want.

Just as being confident doesn’t require being an extrovert... doesn’t require being bendy and calm doesn’t mean passive. This is about working with your body and your personality with your voice.

Rule of thumb that you’ll learn to put into action:

How you breathe, move, think and feel are all intertwined.  Change one and you change the others.  Learn to choose wisely and make it work for you.
Set yourself up to be your best self and do the work you were put here to do.

Own It

Learn how to own the space you’re in by being in your body and sending out a vibe that can hold a room.

Be Heard

How you breathe changes your voice and, most importantly, the energy in your voice.  Speak from your center and get your message across.

Feel Good

When you feel good about yourself you free up mental energy to focus on what you love.

Learn the tools to mastering a calm presence.

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