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Present Your Best Self

Reduce stress and anxiety. Polish your presentation skills.

Shine in any setting.

Your presence powers your potential.

Imagine being fully present and engaged in every moment, with the clarity and confidence to communicate your ideas effectively.

That's the power of combining mind-body balance with strategic presentation skills. 

By mastering your stress response, you'll be able to remain calm, access your thoughts and find your voice when it matters most.

It's the building block to executive presence or leading a team.

It's key to preventing burnout.

And it's a skill that will increase your power and agency in all areas- from health to career to sharing your gifts with the world.

Designed to help you lower stress and anxiety while also polishing your communication skills, this program gives you science-based tools with real-world strategies so you can


  • perform at your best even in high-pressure moments


  • achieve greater mental and emotional balance, composure, and intuitive flow 


  • present yourself as competent, compelling, and confident while feeling comfortable in your body.

“Through Pam's techniques and simple ways to reboot one's mindset, she gave each individual a forever valuable formula to overcome their own obstacles. These tools left our entire team feeling more confident and armed with a specific plan to use when placed in the particular circumstances that would otherwise cause them stress.”

Wendy Siskin, Senior Program Director,

Wellness in the Schools

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Pam Reece

Pam Reece is an advisor and teacher who has dedicated over 20 years of her career in the wellness world to helping people improve their physical, emotional, and cognitive health.


With a previous background in advertising, Pam brings a unique combination of expertise to her work with individuals and companies.


Through workshops, one-on-one sessions, and corporate trainings she helps people lower anxiety, manage stress, develop resilience and present their talents with confidence.

Since training and teaching at the first-of-its-kind complementary medical center, Health, in New York City, she has continued to study in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction as well as with The Center for Mind-Body Medicine and The HeartMath Institute.


Throughout her years teaching in studios, schools, non-profits, and Fortune 500 corporations she has helped thousands of students and clients enhance their well-being and career potential.  


Committed to creating a more balanced and equitable world, she is particularly focused on programs that help women have more power and equality in all areas of their lives.

These are the same tools and processes that have helped my private clients.

If you're reading this, you might identify with their challenges:

  • A successful consultant who overcame self-consciousness about speaking to expand her business, become an adjunct professor and panel expert.

  • A founder who doubled her client base and became a keynote speaker after overcoming self-doubt and improving her communication style.

  • A research writer who now travels the world speaking on expert panels, despite being held back by anxiety and public speaking fears in the past.

  • A managing director who learned shortcuts to control her body's physical reaction to stress, which helped her team work better together and earned her respect as a leader.

  • A highly qualified financial strategist who, after previous unsuccessful interviews, landed her ideal position by learning to effectively tailor her message and project a calm, focused energy during interviews.


I've translated my work with women like these to create an accessible program that provides tools for tangible results all in one place. No need to piece everything together on your own.

You'll Learn How To...

Establish a solid baseline of calm making it more difficult for life's challenges to push you into a stress or anxiety.

Train your breathing and heart to create a zone of calm focus even when under pressure.

Regulate your emotions so you think clearer, make better decisions, and avoid burning or spinning out.

Pinpoint what is holding you back or triggering you with a powerful clarity exercise that puts you in the driver’s seat to change it. 

Use the power of your intuition to make wiser, more aligned choices.

Work with- even befriend- your anxiety rather than run from it. 

Block toxic energy from others so it doesn’t weigh you down and dim your light. 

Use in-the-moment strategies to avoid being tongue-tied, nervous, or blanked out when all eyes are on you.

Project a jitter-free voice and body when speaking.

Create crystal clear messaging to hold ever-shrinking attention spans.

Deliver a pitch or lead a meeting that keeps people engaged with techniques used by professional actors.

Develop most helpful and learnable skill that will get you out of your own way, especially if you’re an introvert.

Manage intimidation and turn on the chemicals in your brain that help you focus, learn and adapt.

Remember what you want to say without memorizing using simple formulas.

Craft an authentic elevator pitch or answer to “what do you do” that you can adapt to any situation and not sound awkwardly rehearsed.

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How you show up has a massive impact on what you receive.

What if you had? 

A clear-cut plan of how to change your response to stress?

A shortcut to diffuse anxiety?

A sense of ease instead of freeze when speaking?

Better decision-making skills?

More bounce back and resilience?

Imagine what you could do.

Rather than feeling frustrated, you just need a better toolkit.

This is for you if...

  • You feel overloaded or held back by stress and anxiety

  • You could start the company/ get the promotion/ pitch the idea if you felt more confident

  • Your job involves high-stakes situations and you need to prevent burnout

  • You want to elevate your leadership presence

  • You want to polish your interviewing presence

  • You’re an ambitious introvert or highly sensitive and need tools to navigate an extroverted world

And anyone who has been told they needed to be bigger, louder, wear red, or strike a power pose to be heard. 


Or stifled their ideas but knew they could play bigger.

"Working together has changed my confidence in nearly every situation in which I have to speak publicly, and I couldn’t be happier."

Colby Jones

Founder & Managing Partner

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